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A&J Plumbing

" Laying pipe since 1991 "


The roots of our company originated with Arturo Cortez, a laborer who emigrated from Mexico to Southern California in the 60's. Art began this small family business in 1991 as Mr. Plumber Company.


Carrying on the family tradition established by Arturo, Julio joined his father, learned the trade and eventually took over the plumbing company. Of course, no longer a one-man show, Julio renamed and rebranded the company.


As CEO of A&J Plumbing Company, Julio has continued to provide old-school, high-quality craftsmanship to the Orange County and Inland Empire area for over a decade. Julio has always valued excellent service and made it a priority to be accessible to his customers. As a family company with a rich history, we continue to provide families and businesses with quality, professional plumbing services. We strive to make your customer experience as easy, convenient, pleasant, and as helpful as possible.


To us, a plumber is not a stranger who shows up at your place in dirty boots, mumbles something about a replacement part, fixes it, and leaves forever. We believe a good plumber is clean and polite, walks you through each problem and solution, and remains dedicated to protecting your family’s or businesses long-term health and safety. We define the family plumber as someone you can trust and rely on as your family grows and changes—starting with your first home and continuing throughout life’s milestones.

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